Chair and sofa covers, material types

Chair covers

There are many different types of chair covers. Most often we make chair covers for customers which chairs lost their splendor by passage of time but can be made pristine once again with the new cover. Such covers hug the shape of the chair but are easily removed in order to be cleaned. This will give our old chairs additional functionality that usually new chairs do not have.

Second type of cover is intended for catering business where by using the covers we want to emphasize the nature of the event. Most often, easily removable chair covers for weddings, banquets, and other special occasions.

Chair cover materials

Because the chairs are of such different shapes it is impossible to get standard cover for them without compromising the overall esthetic impression.

Beautiful and quality chair cover require great precision and quality in manufacture.

When selecting the fabric for chair covers we must take into account the frequency of use as well as normal washing cycles of it. We can quickly get disappointed by trying to save some Euros by selecting inferior fabric which can deteriorate much quicker than a quality one.

Sofa covers

Same principal as for chair covers apply to sofa, armchair and couch covers. Usually they are of irregular shapes and a manufacture of one is a bit of an art in itself. Usually we have to decide between re-upholstery or manufacture of the cover. If you require washable cover it is best to decide on custom made one, nevertheless re-upholstery is also a good solution.

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