Roman blinds, mechanisms and manufacture

Roman blinds are currently very fashionable as they (unlike curtains) are opening in vertical direction which in many cases can be more practical.

Taking into account window surface area we use less material with Roman blind as with curtains. But it is necessary to be aware that they are more time consuming to make than classic curtain and that associated mechanisms are more expensive than curtains rails.

Roman blind mechanisms

Currently there are many different types of mechanisms on the market and their price is more affordable than years ago.

Quality mechanisms ensure fabric can be easily removed for washing as well as secured back in its place. No more battling with the entangled strings and exotic ways of securing material to them.

We are convinced that you will find mechanism that will suite you by mechanical design as well as price. You will have all the top manufacturers to choose from.

Sewing the Roman blinds

String guides are sewn onto the Roman blinds fabric and strings themselves secured to the mechanism. Special care must be taken when selecting the guides material in order to make stiches less visible. Usually sewing machine with roller and compressor is used to ensure nice stich as the fabric and the guides are pulled together and evenly.

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