Sewing the panel curtains

Panel curtains are versatile and modern element of decorative blinds. You can easily fold them together to enjoy the view or space them out in such a manner to close the living space and enjoy the privacy.

They are primarily designed for shading large windows or balcony doors or as a partition wall in larger rooms.

Panel curtains are available in a wide range of fabrics. They can be transparent or offer a complete black out in a room.

We can mix and match materials and fabric in order to get a really unique decoration.

Panel curtain mechanism

Panel curtain mechanisms are differentiated mainly by the number of tracks. The selection is governed by the width of the window and possible combinations of operating them. You will be able to choose between single, double or multi track systems.

Sewing panel curtains

We adjust the size of the panel curtain to the size of the window and the design ideas. We can combine different materials and select different widths on individual panels.

By selecting different materials and widths of the panel you can decorate your living space exactly as you envisaged.

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  • sivanje panelnih zaves
  • sivanje panelnih zaves
  • sivanje panelnih zaves
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