Fabric for decorative cushions, sewing the cushion, cushions for chairs

Decorative cushions can be used on all types of furnishings, they can be used on a seat or secured to the back rests of chairs and benches. Or we can simply use them to decorate and enrich the living space.

Materials for decorative cushions

We select the material for cushions regarding the purpose and function of the space. For outdoor use we must select the materials that is designed for such a use while for a chair cushion we must select the material that is highly durable. If we plan to use the cushion only as a decoration our only worry is to select the material that will complement and enrich the room.

Manufacture of the decorative cushions

For all the cushions we first secure the padding/filler in a suitable cover. Different materials can be used as filler like foams of different stiffness, silicone wadding or goose feathers.

For seats, foam is usually used while silicon wadding or goose feathers are used for back rests and decorative cushions.

Foam is always placed in a thin fleece cover to ease with decorative cover changes. For silicone wadding or goose feathers we use washable materials.

Covers can be secured by a zip, buttons or a fold.

Filler in its cover is then inserted into the decorative cover and the cushion is finished.

We can decorate it with fringes, lace ribbon or we use rope wrapped in fabric.

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