Decorative material for chairs

When selecting decorative material we must take into account all factors that are important. Color, pattern and material type are first that come to mind.

Structure and material types are especially important in manufacture and further use of the items. With chairs we must select durable materials as they are frequently used. When selecting curtain material we have to keep in mind how easy material folds, is it suitable for securement to selected hang system and how sensitive it is to washing

We must be aware that decorative material for Roman blinds will have guides and loops sewn onto it therefore it is important to keep that in mind when selecting the fabric. There are many other factors that influence correct selection of the decorative fabric.

We recommend washing the material before first sewing is done!

We recommend that decorative material is washed before any sawing takes place so we are not disappointed later when due to shrinkage of the material large gap is created between the curtain and the floor.

It is important that we are aware that decorative objects like curtain, chair cover or table cloth stay with us for a long time so quality of the material and manufacture is important.

Our customers often bring us decorative materials that they have already selected and bought and we just create decorative object of their choice for them. Sometimes this is the best way, just listen to your gut feeling when selecting a material.

Nevertheless we would recommend that before you purchase the material you contact us for a consultation. We will calculate necessary amount of fabric you need as this is often much more complicated than is imagined. There are many different factors at play that can significantly change the amount of material needed.

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