Process of manufacture, custom made curtains

Curtain manufacture is the process that begins in the space where the curtain will eventually hang. During first visit while taking into account customer wishes and our expertize we decide on the shape, material and color of the curtain. Next we prepare plan for sewing of the curtain that is later used by seamstress in our facility to make the curtain. Appropriate curtain hanging mechanisms are then secured in the room by a contractor. Curtain is then hang and our work is done. You can now begin enjoying your newly decorated space.

We will be more than happy to help you beautify or improve your living space by using our knowledge and attitude. Our products are designed and made by a recognized Slovenian costume designer Nataša Recer which is an assurance that we will undertake even most unusual projects that modern custom sewing can throw at us.

Custom made curtains

Curtain must adjust too many different factors in the living space like surface area of the window, celling height or floor level. It is almost impossible to use pre made curtains in any unique living. More importantly we would rob ourselves of possibilities to select different materialscolors and other factors that are so important when selecting a curtain. That is why it is important to have a curtain custom made.

Similar to dress fitting it is often necessary that we have a curtain trial fit first. For instance if you selected the curtain that should be touching the floor it is often the case that curtain needs to be hang so we can adjust the bottom of the curtain to match the unevenness of the floor and by doing so hides the imperfection. We have the same problem when we are trying to match the level of the window shelves or celling’s or any other fixed point the curtain is adjusting too.

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